Tosa Trivia!






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1)   September - October question: What was the name of the teacher that played in a band with his twin brother? How old was he when we graduated?

He was at our 40th reunion.
2)   November - December 2020 question: What was the name of the "special" building on Dewey Ave overlooking the village of Wauwatosa? It was established in 1884 and is still in operation.

3)   01/20/2021

Don't look in the yearbook. Try asking someone that was on the team.
4)   2/11/21 Which flamboyant piano player (born in Wast Allis, WI) wanted to purchase a house in Wauwatosa (8000 West Milwaukee Ave.) for his piano museum?

5)   Name the ice cream stand that was on NOrth Ave. between N Lefeber and N. 72nd. What year did it close and become a drycleaners? Is it still there?

The name is a fruit.
6)   April question. Let's get more people doing this! What is the name of the place on Bluemound Rd where kids from surrounding high schools hung out on Friday and Saturday nights? They came to socialize and get something smooth, creamy, cold, and white (or brown). Apparently it's been around for over 80 years.

You know this!!!!!
7)   May Question submitted by a classmate: During the 1969-70 school year the Wauwatosa School Board acquired a piece of (then) cutting edge electronic technology used at East and usually operated by a certain senior. Name the equipment, faculty member in charge of AV at East that year and the senior that operated it.

There is a picture of the equipment and the senior setting up in the gym balcony in the 1970 yearbook.